BioGeometry Advanced Training

January 11 – 15th, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Presented by Robert J. Gilbert, Ph.D.

Tuition: $1,295.
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BG FT graduates may re-take the course for $599.
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The BG Advanced Training is offered as a 5-day intensive where you will learn many new BioGeometry tools, plus highly advanced Energy Balancing and Design Principles.

Learn advanced Energy Balancing Applications using Shapes, Sounds, Angles, Colors, Proportions and more in this special training.

Prerequisite: Completion of the BioGeometry Foundation Training, and being in good standing with BGES.  This training is available only to graduates of the BioGeometry Foundation Training.

New in this training for 2019:

*  New Standardized and Updated Manual

*  Five New BioGeometry Tools added: Brain Stands; BG Space Harmonizer; BG Sub-Planes of Nature Strip and Balancing Card; BG-28 Energy Balancing Disk.

See Below for full listing of the remarkable Topics, Tools, and Methods you will learn in the BioGeometry Advanced Training!

Register for both Trainings Together!  Register for both the BioGeometry Foundation Training and the Advanced Training which follows it at this special event.

Optional Coral Castle Field Trip

For this exciting  BioGeometry Training in South Florida  we have decided to return to The Coral Castle in Homestead, FL on January 10th 2020.  The trip this past January was such a success and we want to continue to explore the energies of this amazing place.  We have scheduled this trip to take place on the full moon for added energy to power spots and earth grid lines.

Join us in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
for the latest updated version of the BioGeometry Advanced Training

10 New Methods & Principles you will learn in this Class:

1. Advanced Energy Balancing of Locations: Direct and Layered Solutions

2. The “Hekhau” Sounds of Power from Ancient Egypt

3. The Forming Process of Disease

4. BioNumerals: Adjust the Energy Quality of a BioSignature for Optimal Power

5. BG3 Energy Balancing Sounds for the Human Chakra system

6. Physics of Quality of Electro-Magnetic Waves

7. Bi-Location: Balance the Human Energy Field by connecting to Distant Locations

8. The Power of Silent Sound

9. Protecting the Human Energy Field through Positions of the Physical Body

10. Three Types of Time Energetics

12 New Tools you will learn in this Class:

1. BG Dial: Tune in the Optimal Energy Quality to Energy Balance any Source

2. BG Corner Stand with Dial: Tune the Balancing of Earth Energy Lines

3. Material Balancing Wheel: Make any Material emanate Beneficial Energy Qualities

4. Hemberg Emitter: Tremendously Important Tool used to Balance Energy Disturbances at a Distance

5. BG Earth Scepter with Dial: Tune into and Transform Deep Earth Energies

6. Brain Stands with Dials: Tune the Human Brain Hemispheres for Profound Transformation

7. BG Space Harmonizer Stand: High-Power Balancing Energy for any Location

8. BG-28 Energy Balancing Disk: A “Self-Operating” Breakthrough Tool for Detecting and Balancing Problems in any Energy Field

9. Human Archetype Ruler: Use the Hidden Pattern from the Egyptian Temple Walls to take a “Subtle Energy X-Ray” of any Person, Place, or Thing

10. Planes of Nature Strip: Detect and Direct Energy on every Plane of Nature

11. Sub-Planes of Nature Strip: Detect and Direct Invisible Energies on every Sub-Plane

12. Multi-Dimensional Sub-Plane Clearing Card: Create Deep Clearing of any Energy Field

15 Advanced Design Principles you will learn in this Class:

1. The Memory of Lines

2. BioGeometry Corner Treatments: Replace Detrimental “Poison Arrows” with Beneficial Energy Qualities

3. BG Modular Design System: How to Make any Design Automatically Create High-Intensity, Beneficial Energy Qualities

4. Essential Methods to Balance the Energy Key within Rooms

5. Harmonizing Geopathic Gridlines with Wall Placements

6. The 3-Dimensional Energy Key (The Torus Energy Pattern of Time and Space)

7. Shape Modifications to Energy Balance Openings to a Room

8. BG Rings Principle (Creating “Gold Zones”)

9. BG3 Degree of Arc Principle

10. BG3 “Rays” Principle

11. BG Tangent Line Principle

12. Advanced “BG3” Generating Numbers

13. “Secondary Numbers” Principle for Optimal Energy Balancing

14. Multi-Dimensional Planes: How they invisibly manifest in Physical Space

15. How to Create a 3-Dimensional Energy Grid & Power Spot (including descriptions of how this was done in Ancient Egypt) 

Essential Tools for the Advanced Training:

Below is a list of all the essential tools for the Advanced Training as well as the cost.  You may order in advance but we will also have the tools for sale at the training.

-Human Archetype Ruler: to measure BG3 Qualities and Sub-Planes of Nature. $213

-Sub-Plane Strips: for precise measurement of all Sub-Planes of Nature. $79

-BG-28 Disk: for advanced BG3 energy balancing. $14

-BG Dial: for tuning in specific vibrations for energy balancing. $24

-IKUP (Ibrahim Karim Universal Pendulum): for advanced measurement of Personal Wavelength. $69

You can pre-purchase these essential tools here:  Essential Tools for the Advanced Training.
All tools are to be picked up at the class.

Tuition: $1295

Prerequisites for Attendance: Completion of the BioGeometry Foundation Training and being in good standing with BGES in regards to the Student Agreement.

Location: All courses will be held in the Silicon Valley area. Complete details on location, hotel accommodations, airports, etc. will be sent upon completion of registration.

To contact the Vesica Institute with any questions, or to register, email us at

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